If you want to know the theoretical aspects of the probabilities she applies you to the Bridge you will find in the page "With 9 to strike?" many cues of reflection.

Here instead only one crumb of humour, questions and .. some day after the answers. If then found the solution you will not be able to help you with programm "THE MILL". For you commodity you have also the File for milling.

Have fun, Luigi Salemi

Questions                              Answers                    File

N. 01 - July 2004                   Answer N. 01       

N. 02 - August 2004              Answer N. 02          

N. 03 - September 2004       Answer N. 03       

N. 04 - October 2004            Answer N.04           

N. 05 - December 2004        Answer N.05       

N. 06 - January 2005            Answer N.06       

N. 07 - July 2005                    Answer N.07